Student Bursary 2020

The New Brunswick Kinesiology Association is proud to offer its second student bursary. The bursary aims to financially support university students who are pursuing a degree in kinesiology at a New Brunswick university.

The NBKA aims to:

  • Provide leadership throughout the promotion of the science and profession of kinesiology and enhance the appreciation of kinesiology services,
  • Stimulate the evolution of the profession of kinesiology through development and promotion of educational opportunities to its members,
  • Foster partnerships with the academic community through support of research and kinesiology program development,
  • Enhance benefits for its members.

Scholarship Amount: $300


  • Undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick or the Université de Moncton.
  • Member of the New Brunswick Kinesiology Association (NBKA)

Submission Guidelines:

The application should be formatted as a PDF, including:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • An essay (maximum 2 pages) explaining:
    • Interests and motivations for pursuing studies in kinesiology,
    • Current plans for the future following graduation,
    • Why you should be chosen to receive this bursary.

The PDF file with the complete application should be emailed to by November 13, 2020. The award recipient will be announced at the NBKA annual general meeting on November 21th, 2020. This year the AGM will be held virtually.

The NBKA aims to provide financial support to a student at a New Brunswick university, and hopes to aid them in reaching their education goals and to pursue a future in a kinesiology related field. We look forward to receiving all of your applications.

Not a NBKA student member?

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