NBKA is a not for profit organization entirely run by volunteers.

Our Mission – The New Brunswick Kinesiology Association exists to:

  • Provide leadership throughout the promotion of the science and profession of kinesiology and enhance the appreciation of kinesiology services,
  • Stimulate the dynamic evolution of the profession of kinesiology through development and promotion of educational opportunities to its members,
  • Foster partnerships with the academic community through support of research and kinesiology program development,
  • Enhance benefits of membership

Our Vision – “Kinesiology as the foundation for human movement professionals”

The association will contribute to the public awareness and the value of kinesiolgy services to improve and enhance quality of life.

The development and promotion of educational opportunities for kinesiologists is essential to the evolution of kinesiology.

Provide membership services to enhance the provision of kinesiology services to the public.

To stimulate communications to provide consistent practice standards and professionalism.