2022 Competition guide

The NBKA is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to promote the profession of Kinesiology in NewBrunswick. Our mission is to :

To provide leadership in promoting the profession of Kinesiology and Human Kinetics.
Stimulate the evolution of the profession of Kinesiology through the development of continuing education for its members.
To foster partnerships with the academic community by supporting research and development of the Kinesiology program.
Reinforce the benefits of membership to its members.

2021 Student Bursary

The New Brunswick Kinesiology Association is proud to offer again this year, the NBKA student bursaryy. The bursary aims to financially support university students who are pursuing a degree in kinesiology at a New Brunswick university.

The role of a kinesiologist in health care services

As New Brunswick undergoes reform of the health care system, the New Brunswick Kinesiology Association would like to take the opportunity to reiterate the importance of a kinesiologist as a member of interdisciplinary health care team and their key role in promoting physical activity, and how they contribute to the prevention and treatment of chronic disease and injury.

Share your thoughts on Dependable Public Health Care!

In the newest discussion paper released from the minister of health, Hon. Dorothy Shephard, and her team, asking for members of the public and healthcare fields to respond to growing concerns regarding New Brunswick’s health care system. Given the multidisciplinary nature of our skillset, we have the duty to advise and advocate that we are a profession available to respond to some of these gaps.